Our mission.

Our mission is to provide clean, affordable and convenient energy, water and internet access to people in Africa. This access to energy shall contribute to a rapid and effective social and economical development to the communities where we operate.

What do we do?

We target to start 3 villages in Nzerekore (Guinea): Samoe, Guela and Konala, totalling 7,826 people. There is no access to electricity in any of these villages. 40 villages (100,000+ people) also expressed their interest in participating in our project. We estimate that 500 villages are in similar conditions in the region.

Project is divided in blocks. We aim to bring investors and lenders to participate in the project funding blocks according to their interests. 

Nevertheless, we believe that the key to success is to sell local products in the EU market, to finance electrification and the infrastructure generation.

Local community is engaged during the whole lifecycle. Projects with a measurable impact in the quality of life of citizens.